Friday, August 2, 2013

Downtown Farm Town

Thanks to Anna and her connection with Ned (the owner of one of The Farmer's Cow farms), I had the wonderful opportunity to take photographs at Mapleleaf Farm this week!  Ned was kind enough to let us two vagabonds wander around and explore, and he even let us near a couple of the tractors.

We rambled from barn to barn, trying to pet the cows and climb the hay bales.  The hay bales gave us no trouble, but I was a little afraid I was going to lose a couple fingers to a cow.  I don't know, do cows bite?  No fingers were lost, though, and I took a crap ton of photos.  191, to be exact.  There was just so much activity, things to see, things to do; and all of it made lovely photographs.  Well, not all of it.  Let's just be grateful cameras don't record smells.

A big thank you to Ned for letting us take photos at his farm!


  1. is that me? oh it is! Memories and manure forever branded into my head. MOOOOOOO ;)

  2. So fantastic! Anna you look like a model!!!!!

  3. These are amazing!! Nice boots. ;)