Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life at the Lake

Every summer since I can remember, my family has taken a one week vacation to a lake.  When I was little, we would go primitive camping.  As in, on-an-island-with-nothing-but-a-picnic-table kind of primitive.  This year, it seems we're moving up in the world, and we spent this year's vacation in a lakeside cabin.  That's right, folks, real beds and a real kitchen.  No sleeping bags for us, no sir.

We took our boat like we always have, and I took my camera like I always do.  I love to take photos from the boat while people kneeboard, tube, or ski, but I also have this image in my mind of dropping my camera in the lake and watching little bubbles float up as water seeps in.  I can just imagine trying to turn it on again and seeing the screen all splattered with black just like my first phone was after I dropped it in a snow bank.  But I steeled myself, put my paranoias aside, and this is what I saw...

We also hiked down to an underground waterfall one day.  People actually go spelunking behind these falls.  Maybe next year we'll move far enough up in the world to do that, too.

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