Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Cathedral of Another Name

Yesterday, I went with Olivia and Ruhee to the cathedral down the street.  Not the Cathedral of Learning, but an actual cathedral called St. Paul's.  The building is absolutely stunning and incredibly peaceful.  A kind and talkative priest told us a little of the cathedral's history.  The same church, in a different building, used to be in downtown Pittsburgh, at the top of a hill with a road running right in front.  It was a prime location until the city decided that they wanted the road to be flat, and the cathedral was left sitting at least 20 feet higher than the street in front of it.  The Bishop decided that wasn't okay, sued the city for the inconvenience, sold the church for $1.3 mil (in 1900!), and moved to Oakland.

This is where he moved his church to.  Not such a bad place to end up, if you ask me.

The iron decoration on the door fronts.